Wireless Charger Speaker

• Made from Limestone Cement & Bamboo
• Bluetooth version: V5.0
• Distance: 10 meters
• Li-ion polymer battery: 600mAh
• Loudspeaker output: 5W
• Frequency : 100Hz -15kHz
• Signal-To-Noise: ≥85dB
• Input : DV 5V-2A, Wireless Output: 5W
• Product Size: 123 x 57 x 86.5 mm

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The wireless charger is the need of the present time. Everyone likes to have easy access to the charging machine without creating a mess over the desk. Therefore in order to meet the requirement of time, at bamboogiftitems.com, we have come up with wireless charger speaker gifts that are hard to find over a single platform. Here we are selling wireless chargers made up of limestone cement and bamboo that are eco-friendly and safe for use. If you are thinking about the speaker output, it is 5W which is very good for loud music lovers. Once you connect your device with the speaker with Bluetooth, then till 10 meters, it will remain well connected and play the music you command with a single touch.

What justifies the wireless charger speaker price?

The wireless charger speaker available at Bamboogiftitems.com comes with a 6000 MaH battery and uses Bluetooth version V5.0 for connectivity. So if you are investing in the wireless charger speaker for the sake of business promotion, then you are not making the wrong decision at all. Because this device will run for a long without giving trouble to the user, the use of bamboo and limestone makes it more appealing, so whenever anyone sees it, they will read the engraved name present over it to find out who has presented it such a charming gift to the user.


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