Wireless Charger Clock


• Made from Limestone Cement & Bamboo
• Analog Clock design display
• Coils : 1 pc
• Input : DV 5V-2A
• Wireless Output: 5W,
• Cable Lenght : 100 cm
• Product Size: 120.5 x 77 x 83 mm

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If you are thinking of presenting something unique and appealing to your corporate friends or employees, you should seriously consider the wireless charger clock available at Bamboogiftitems.com. Every person likes to have a clock at their end table or nightstand in their bedroom. But if you want to be innovative and make the maximum out of the limited space, you should have a wireless charger analog clock since age’s analog clocks are considered the biggest and most convenient tool to keep track of time. It doesn’t have features like digital clocks but is certainly more comfortable to look at, especially when you get up from sleep. And if it comes with wireless charging Qi technology, what can be better than that.

What makes a Wireless charger clock so appealing?

The wireless charger clock is handy as a bedside amenity because users become a little lazy when it comes to fueling up the phone. But if you have access to advanced gadgets like wireless charger analog clock around, you don’t need to take the pain of putting the phone on the standard charger. Meanwhile, your phone’s battery will get charged for the next day. So if you own a business and want to promote it by choosing some advanced technology gifts, you should select this wireless charger clock. Because whenever a person wakes up, put on and off the phone for charger, he/she will read your brand name. What can be a better promotional move other than this?


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