Wireless Charger Stand

• Made from Limestone Cement & Bamboo
• Coils : 1 pc
• Input : DV 5V-2A
• Wireless Output: 5W
• Cable Lenght : 100 cm
• Product Size: 100 x 133 x 11 mm

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If you are a business owner and wondering what you can gift to your employees as well as a client on special occasions of their life, then you have arrived at the right place. At Bamboogiftitems.com, we have a huge collection of technology gifts that can save your day. Besides, you don’t need to order again and again to get your desired quantity as we offer our products at wholesale and reasonable rates. So you don’t need to worry.

A wireless charger stand can be a good present for your employees if you want to inspire them to work innovatively, with maximum efficiency and minimum mess. The wireless charger stand gift available on our website is made up of eco-friendly materials like bamboo and cement, which makes them different and appealing.

With the introduction of this high-end charger on your workstation, you can not only cope with the space restriction issue but also achieve an energetic surrounding.

Why wireless charger stand gifts are the best for business promotion?

For the business promotion, you need products that look appealing and rest with the user for a long so that they can remember your brand. The same you will get with the wireless charger stand available at our platform since the manufacturing elements are different from the regular plastic; that’s why users will experience a different sound effect. For the inquiry of the maximum orders, feel free to visit the best eco-friendly and promotional gift supplier of Dubai website, bamboogiftitems.com



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