Bamboo Pens

  • Material: Bamboo
  • Item Size: 138 x 11 mm
  • Item Weight: 0.009 kg
  • Pieces in a Pack: 1000 Pcs
  • Carton Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Carton Size: 47.5 x 31 x 20 cm

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Bamboo is the perfect material for making a pen. Its durability and sturdy characteristics make it a perfect choice over plastic pens. As Bamboo can be harvested for a shorter duration, its usage won’t result in extinction. Nevertheless, Bamboo Pens have an appealing appearance, and it comes out in different types. At, the best collection of bamboo pens is offered for eco-lovers. You can also try out these pens and reduce the level of pollution in the atmosphere. Let you initiate the change by using these pens for a better greeny environment.

Earth is the only home for people’s shelter. Destroying it slowly or in a swift phase will result in harm to humankind. So, use eco-friendly products for daily purposes rather than preferring hazardous plastics. At, you are offered different types of Bamboo Pens online. The price is less and has a better result than using plastic pens. Be it for your kids or office purpose or for any other writing purpose, choose eco-friendly bamboo pens. Every small step you keep now will help in getting a bigger result for the future!

Why Should You Use Bamboo Pens?

A commonly asked question by many is “Why to prefer bamboo pens?”. Because these pens do not harm nature and are cost-effective. However, by using plastic-made pens, you are damaging the environment. Because plastics are not easily decomposable, and as it is dumped on the ocean floor, the marine ecosystem also gets damaged. So, to rebalance the environment, it is good to opt for bamboo pens, as they have friendly nature to ecology.


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