Bamboo Name Badge

  • Made from Bamboo Material
  • Product Size : 25 x 75 mm
  • Thickness : 3 mm
  • Magnet attachment
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Bamboo Name Badge, 25 x 75 mm Bamboo Name Badge.

For a successful running of a business or any of the organization, name badges are a must! A question must be lingering in mind “What importance does a simple name badge have on a business?” The primary significance of a name badge is identification. However, rather than just an identity, a name badge is a successful tool for the organization. Most of the firms or institutions use non-eco-friendly material to make a badge. You can be different from others by preferring Bamboo Name Badge from It is lightweight and adds appealing looks to the employee’s table.

Go green is a trendy slogan enchanted worldwide! So, people are moving backward to ancient times, where natural products were produced and used. One of the sustainable and fasting growing green plants is Bamboo. You can use material made out of it as name badges. It comes out in different designs and sizes, giving you wider options to choose. At, we provide different ranges of bamboo name badges. One of the professional and ideal choices for any business occasion is our 25 x 75 mm Bamboo Name Badge.

Why Should You Go With Bamboo Name Badge?

Badges made out of Bamboo are not only appealing but also result in a gain for the environment. The eco-friendly is lightweight, and employees will not feel an allergic reaction due to the bamboo name badge. So, join the trend of green EarthEarth, and for the healthy benefit of your employees, prefer bamboo badges. Let this innovative bamboo badge idea pave the way for a better tomorrow!


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