Bamboo Name Badge

  • Made from Bamboo Material
  • Product Size : 30 x 75 mm
  • Thickness : 3 mm
  • Magnet attachment
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A Detailed Product Description Of The 30x 75mm Bamboo Name Badge

The bamboo name badges are eco-friendly and durable. You can consider this to use for your employees. It is made of high-quality recyclable bamboo material. Also, you could be getting rid of paying more for the badge replacement. When the workers wear this banged, it cold helps to promote your brand as a green guardian. Its eye-catching aesthetic boosts customer interaction when you introduce your frontline staff. As it is lightweight, it will stay secure in the same place.

Whenever you want to Eco Bamboo Name Badge online buy, you can get into the They have top-notch badges that are sustainable. It has a size of 30 x 75 mm and 3mm thickness. It comes with a magnetic attachment that aids in holding the name badge without damaging the clothes. You can print your company logo and worker name on the badge. It has a natural and premium quality that lasts for more years. The badges are curved from the natural shape of the Bamboo and look impressive with the caramel shade.

Why Should You Choose A 30x 75mm Bamboo Name Badge?

The 30x 75mm Bamboo Name Badgeis attached with the magnet. So, the badge will be stable and stay at the same place. This is the eco-friendly choice to add an impressive change and touch to your company. While compared to plastic or other material choices, Bamboo has the best and top-notch standard. So, you can provide this name badge to your employees and avoid the things that are made of materials that harm the environment.


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