Eco-Friendly Lunch Box

  • Made from Wheat Straw Material
  • Item Size: 18.5 x 10.5 x 10.5 cm
  • Item Weight: 0.440 kg
  • Pieces in a Pack: 30 Pcs
  • Carton Weight: 13.2 kg
  • Carton Size: 39 x 34 x 50 cm

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Eco-Friendly Lunch Box

Wheat straw material is the latest addition to the eco-friendly material available in the market. It is the best substitute for plastic. That’s why eco-friendly lunch boxes made of wheat straw material are high in demand. The eco-friendly lunch box keeps your meal hot for long hours. Wheat straw is a durable and strong alternative option for paper products too. The best advantage of wheat straw is that the eco-friendly lunch box is constructed from the waste left behind in agricultural processes after the grain gets extracted from the crops. It offers a source that would rather be thrown. Wheat-straw eco-friendly lunchboxes divert material from the waste stream and use a reclaimed source as lightweight, durable, and compostable packaging.

Why choose an eco-friendly lunch box

They are made of 100 percent organic bamboo cover at the top and the best high-quality material free from lead. Also, the spoons are provided with your eco-friendly lunch box look stylish and attractive. The lunch box is designed to keep your food best for long, and you can carry them anywhere as it grabs anyone’s attention. They are best to gift your loved ones with some engraving or imprinting to use your gift every day and remember you whenever they have their meal at work.


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