Bamboo Flask with Temperature Display

High quality and high capacity Thermos flask, with a body made from bamboo material and double-wall stainless steel interior. Presented in an individual box.

  • Product Size : 70 x 250 cm
  • Capacity : 500ml

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A Detailed Description Of The Bamboo Flask With The Temperature Display 

The flask is the best choice to keep the favorite beverages at the same cold or hot temperature for longer. As you go to keep the water for extended periods, you have to choose a product that is made of eco-friendly materials. Avoid drinking in plastic flasks or made of other kinds of materials that are not safe for health. If you look for a safe option, then consider the Bamboo Flask With Temperature Display available at to get the various health benefits of Bamboo.

Bamboo is a natural material, and it is a great eco-friendly alternative for glass, plastic, and other flasks. It is made of a high-capacity and top-quality thermos flask. Its body is made from the best bamboo material and has double-wall stainless steel inside. This flask has a 500 ml capacity and temperature display option that can show the water heat level. It is the ideal gift for your employees or customers to show your appreciation.

Why should you choose a bamboo flask with a temperature display?

This 500ml Bamboo Flask With Temperature Display will help to drink safe water. It can be carried anywhere while traveling, trucking, or going anywhere. Bamboo can decompose without harming the environment or forming any toxic chemicals. You can drink the beverages at the required temperature. It has a size of 70 x 250 cm that can fit well in any bag and looks stylish. Without opening the flask, you know its temperature by looking at the cap.


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